Monday, March 16, 2009

~So now im ready~

*Well i started a blog, and well... never really blogged. I just got so busy with moving and christmas. So with that out of the way, Im ready. ~This past weekend was my 23rd birthday, My best friend Ashley also had a birthday this weekend. We have made it tradition to celebrate together!! Our Husbands had a wonderful pic*nic planned for us,but of course the rain had other plans. So we had a wonderful dinner and went dancing. *I am so thankful that we have such great friends* I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthday together**


codie lee said...

Ok... first let me tell you that I seriously thought yall had fallen off the planet! Glad to hear from you!

Thanks for the comment! I love them! He bought them at Jack's Western Wear in Cullman! They have sooo many boots... lots of pink ones too! There is also a good place in Gadsden, although I cannot remember the name of it.

How is sweet Taylor doing?

Sue said...

Taylor's new dresses are adorable!! Mimi did a great more excuses...she can FINISH what she starts now!