Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Momma every girl is a princess"

*~*I think most all of you know that Taylor is a little on the prissy side, well way on the prissy side. She loves barbie and all of the disney princesses, pink, purple, dresses, mommys shoes, etc.... Well this morning on our way to school, we started off pretty rough. So we get in the car, load up all of our daily school needs, pull out of the drive way, and make our way down the road..untill we notice an unusual sound.. yep, flat tire. So slowly, but surley we make our way back home, unload all of our things out of mommys car and put them into daddys. by this time i feel as if i have been hit by a mack truck. Of course we go inside to tell Josh the news, and iam all in a tinsy b/c of the situation and im running late for work, as we are making our way back to the car Taylor says "Its ok momma, every girl is a princess." just calm down she said!! haha, So when ever you are having a bad day just remember those words you are a princess!!*~*


codie lee said...

Oh my gosh!!! that is most precious thing I have ever heard!!! and I needed to hear that today!!! My truck is a piece and the gas light only works when it feels like it.. and yep... i ran out of gas on the side of 280 this morning! Oh sweet Taylor... she has just brightened my day!!! :)

Sue said...

THIS IS PRECIOUS....and SHE is a princess!