Saturday, May 23, 2009

~Ballet Time~

This is a picture before Taylor's Ballet Recital. She did fabulous!!! You know most kids at this age is picking their nose or staring off into space, don't get me wrong there were a few that were doing that, but Taylor, no! she was so graceful and new all three of her dances to a T!! She has learned so much and we are very proud of her** I think we might have a ballerina in the family.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

*Sponge bob~Sponge bob*

I'm sure everyone child loves spongbob* I think mine is a little obsessed!! We have seen every episode. She knows every line, every move etc........ But she still insist on watching it* she usually watches it after school while EATING sponge bob gummies, and while its on I'm usually cleaning or getting dinner ready, and i catch myself saying the words to just about every episode that comes on!! This picture was taken this morning before school! she got the spongbob toy out of a Burger King happy meal. So now, we sleep with spongbob! i give up!!! i guess there is no way around him!!!!!!!

**New addition to the family**

No........ its not what you think!! we just recently bought a boat* (Joshs new baby) we have'nt got to spend a whole lot of time on it just yet, because of the weather. We are really excited about it being warm this weekend. Taylor loves it as you can tell. As she says, "Im the Captain of this Boat!" She loves to drive! here are a few pictures of the couple of times we have been out*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

*20 pairs left*

Every spring i get rid of half of my flip flops. this year i started a little early. So the other day i was making room in my closet, when I came across a bag that had 17 pairs of flip flops in it! not counting the ones that are all over the floor,and on the shoe rack. It just about killed me, but i did give them to goodwill* (all 17 pairs) most of them were the really cheap ones that you can get at old navy for $2.50, So i did get some good use out of them, but it was time for them to hit the road* I have already added a new addition to my collection! i got rid of 17, and added 1..... not to bad uh? I got them @ Kohl's for $13.99 they are so comfortable.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~My top10 restaurarnts~

I'm so busy @ work today (ha) cant you tell?*** everyone here is talk about food, and I am super hungry, so i thought i would share my favorite places to eat:

1. Floyd's (Destin Alabama)
2. Apple bees
3. Texas Road House
4. Zeke's (Gulf Shores Alabama)
5. Ted's
6. Mellow Mushroom
7. Taco Bell
8. Outback
9. Johnny Rockets
10. Cheesecake Factory

There they are, all in order. I think i could eat a sample from everyplace about right now!

Monday, March 23, 2009

~Pollen Galore~

I love springtime, it's my favorite season. well (i love fall to) i guess i can have two! any way last Thursday was my off day, and I cleaned the house, and got all of my weekly chores finished. So i decided to clean my pretty little ride out, i mean detailed it inside and out. This morning it was still shining when i left for work, but this afternoon while i was leaving for lunch i had a yellow car waiting on me. So much for my hardwork*. i Guess i wont be the only one with a nasty looking car for a while.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Momma every girl is a princess"

*~*I think most all of you know that Taylor is a little on the prissy side, well way on the prissy side. She loves barbie and all of the disney princesses, pink, purple, dresses, mommys shoes, etc.... Well this morning on our way to school, we started off pretty rough. So we get in the car, load up all of our daily school needs, pull out of the drive way, and make our way down the road..untill we notice an unusual sound.. yep, flat tire. So slowly, but surley we make our way back home, unload all of our things out of mommys car and put them into daddys. by this time i feel as if i have been hit by a mack truck. Of course we go inside to tell Josh the news, and iam all in a tinsy b/c of the situation and im running late for work, as we are making our way back to the car Taylor says "Its ok momma, every girl is a princess." just calm down she said!! haha, So when ever you are having a bad day just remember those words you are a princess!!*~*