Wednesday, April 1, 2009

*20 pairs left*

Every spring i get rid of half of my flip flops. this year i started a little early. So the other day i was making room in my closet, when I came across a bag that had 17 pairs of flip flops in it! not counting the ones that are all over the floor,and on the shoe rack. It just about killed me, but i did give them to goodwill* (all 17 pairs) most of them were the really cheap ones that you can get at old navy for $2.50, So i did get some good use out of them, but it was time for them to hit the road* I have already added a new addition to my collection! i got rid of 17, and added 1..... not to bad uh? I got them @ Kohl's for $13.99 they are so comfortable.

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Sue said...

I can't get rid of my old ones...just keep adding to them! I LOVE me some flip flops!!!!